Why I think Leonardo DiCaprio has life sussed? 

(….compared to some of the top shelf stars on the planet)

The obvious; He’s good-looking, successful, generous, thoughtful, proactive, and appears to be kind and fun. I’d like him to be my mate. He looks happy. I’m sure other famous bods on the planet could be described this way but ever since he pulled that silly face at Lady Gaga I for one can’t help but think ‘this guys pretty cool’. Does he have moments in his life similar to that of the Wolf of Wall Street. Probably, but my feeling is he’s about more than just that.
You could love him for evoking feelings and brining us all such great film moments alone. After all I’m 36 and have grown up with Mr Dicaprio and therefore naturally think I know him quite well!
He taught me all about love against the odds in the epic that was Titanic. He taught me to listen to my husbands recommendations, sometimes, with Django Unchained – which I thoroughly enjoyed after protesting against it. He made us all want to travel and live a more hedonistic life with The Beach. Well for a short while anyway. And I defy you to have not been moved by at least one of his performances in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Blood Diamond or the Basketball Diaries.

leo the beach.jpg
Now I’m sure he has some fantastic aides working with and for him. Who wouldn’t want to ride the Leo train? But I also have a gut feeling that this man and his companies treat people well and nurture concepts of lesser known heroes. His team of experts and advisers giving them a global platform to showcase not just great creative ideas but giving voice to vital global issues we need to address from a top level down. He just gets it.

leo UN.jpg

One of the intro’s on the LDF’s website (Leonardo Dicaprio Foundation) states that Leo established his foundation with the mission of “protecting the worlds last wild places”. This I suspect is more of a mantra for Leo’s way of life, and another reason why this gorgeous human has it all worked out. The man’s a walking advocate for all things Wild. In his personal life he seems to have a strict type, if the media is to be believed. Gorgeous, gorgeous and even a little bit more more gorgeous. But if you had pretty much your pick of any type of individual on the planet choosing a smart and kind one is obvious, why the hell not then pick the most attractive too. You’ve got to admire and respect his choices in the search for perfection.

leo hareem .jpg
He uses his popularity for good, and I for one am grateful to have a figure out there shining a spotlight on environmental and ecological problems that we all face. He’s won a ‘Global Citizen’ award for christ sakes. The man’s a UN messenger of peace. I thank him for the movies he makes, has he ever made a bad one? But more importantly he’s happy. And it shows. And that is ultimately what we all strive for and something that should be admired. Give him an oscar man, he deserves one.


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