Pancake Day 

So who has all the stuff to make pancakes readily available. I do actually, but I’m guessing some of my friends don’t. Most will have milk and eggs but I’m being really honest when I say I’m not sure all my friends have a bag of flour in their cupboards, today or ever – and that is actually quite sad…. And I am even sadder for making this my first post! Ha. But as I sit here thinking, about pancakes, I can’t help but be reminded of a song about me from secondary school. Aptly named pancakes. Now that is topic for a future post for sure! 

So you’re reading this thinking what type of person doesn’t have a bag of flour in their cupboard. But have you got a fresh lemon readily available, any day, to squeeze over your pancakes or did you infact buy one in preparation ….. Don’t judge. 

I saw loads of pre made pancakes for sale and thought how excited my five year old would be about me microwaving those, rather than (atempting) flipping them for his delight and I can’t even remember why we have shrove Tuesday. That’s bad isn’t it. But I know that my son has enjoyed the time spent together on pancake day. 


and I have enjoyed not having to plan out a meal for my family. Pancakes are so filling, especially when you add too much flour 😂 X 


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